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  • Total body photography allows the detection of suspicious change and is useful in high-risk patients or patients with dysplastic naevus syndrome

  • This technique allows detection of early melanomas that present no features for melanoma yet, but the changes in the TBP give the clinician additional information. It also decreases unnecessary excisions of atypical lesions if they are longstanding and not changing in TBP.

  • TBP will give the patient a complete digital photography record of their entire skin on USB.  This enables the patient to check his or her own skin at home or at any doctor’s surgery. Base line images are taken at your first visit and then repeated every 12 months for an automatic comparison of your skin lesions.  This will aid in the earlier detection of melanoma and non-melanoma skin  cancers

DermoScan X2: Standardized, automated full-body documentation. How does it work?

  • Baseline images at first visit

  • Yearly photos for automatic comparison of skin lesions: Analyzes and highlights differences within seconds

  • Your doctor will analyze the changes

  • Benefits:

    • Time-saving procedure

    • Detection of early featureless melanomas

    • Avoid unnecessary excisions

  • For whom?

    • Everybody can benefit but in particularly people with multiple lesions

    • Talk to your doctor if you are interested

Total body photography (TBP)

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