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Our Doctors
Pascale photo.png
Prof. Pascale Guitera 

Dermatologist, Sydney Melanoma Diagnostic Centre, Sydney Cancer Centre, Royal Prince Alfred Hospital.

Professor, Discipline of Dermatology, The University of Sydney.

Pascale Guitera is a Dermatologist, originally from France, specializing in skin tumours. She has completed her PhD in collaboration with the Curie Institute (one of Europe’s leading scientific institutions) on instrumentations for the diagnosis of skin tumours (dermoscopy, digital monitoring, total body photography, in vivo reflectance confocal microscopy, 75MHz high frequency ultrasound, magnetic resonance spectroscopy, and multiphoton microscopy).

She has a particular interest in the technique of in vivo confocal microscopy that allows non-invasive “optical” biopsies of the skin and is a world expert in this field. She has more than 45 publications and has been awarded the NSW Premier award for outstanding research for her article on Lentigo Maligna and confocal microscopy.

Portrait Amanda 2.png
Dr. Amanda Glanz

Dermatologist, PhD

Sydney Melanoma Diagnostic Centre, Sydney Cancer Centre, Royal Prince Alfred Hospital.


Dr Amanda Glanz is a specialist in Dermatology and a fellow of the Australasian College of Dermatologists. Originally from Brazil, she relocated permanently to Australia after being recruited to join the Sydney Melanoma Diagnostic Centre team. Amanda has a particular interest in pigmented lesions and melanoma and she is also one of the few experts in the country who mastered the technique of in vivo confocal microscopy which is a cutting-edge technology that allows non-invasive "optical" biopsies of the skin.

Alongside her clinical appointments, Amanda has been committed to research and teaching through her affiliation with the University of Sydney. She completed her PhD on scalp melanomas and she is currently involved in a number of research projects and clinical trials in the field of melanoma and technology-aided diagnosis of skin diseases. She has authored and co-authored many peer-reviewed publications and has presented her work nationally and internationally. Click here for more details

In her free time, Amanda has a family-oriented lifestyle and loves taking her daughter to sun-safe outdoor activities. 

Dr. Giuliana Carlos Minano

MBBS, Post Dermatology Training Doctor

Sydney Melanoma Diagnostic Centre, Sydney Cancer Centre, Royal Prince Alfred Hospital.


Giuliana in ​an Australian-trained Dermatology doctor awaiting Fellowship Exams.

She graduated from Universidad San Martin de Porres (Peru) in 2006 and achieved Australian Medical Council recognition in 2010. 

Before Dermatology training, Giuliana spent three years as a Research Fellow at Westmead Dermatology Department, Sydney Melanoma Diagnostic Centre and Melanoma Institute Australia focused in skin toxicities of targeted therapies and immunotherapy for advanced melanoma and early detection of lentigo maligna with reflectance confocal microscopy. She has published multiple papers in International Dermatology Literature.

During her four years of Dermatology training by the Australasian College of Dermatology, she gained experience in adult/paediatric medical and surgical dermatology. She worked in different public hospitals in NSW including Westmead Hospital; Westmead Children’s Hospital; The Skin Hospital Darlinghurst and Westmead; North Shore Hospital; Royal Prince Alfred Hospital; Children’s Hospital Randwick; and the Melanoma Institute Australia at North Sydney. She has worked in private dermatology practices in regional NSW in Dubbo, Port Macquarie, Lismore and Griffith.

Giuliana is an attentive and caring professional who is passionate about early detection of skin cancers/melanoma and surgical dermatology. 

In her time off she enjoys cooking and loves to spend time with her family and dogs.

Dr. Mary-Ann El Sharouni       


Sydney Melanoma Diagnostic Centre, Sydney Cancer Centre, Royal Prince Alfred Hospital.


Mary-Ann El Sharouni was born in Heemstede, the Netherlands. In 2002 she participated in the Dutch national judo championship.

She attended high school at the Christelijk Lyceum Zeist, the Netherlands, finishing cum laude in 2007, whilst also receiving her international ‘Bachelor’s Degree’ in English. She commenced her study in Medicine at the Utrecht University the same year. During this period, she started work as a research student at the Department of Pathology at the University Medical Center Utrecht (UMCU).

After obtaining her Medical Degree in 2014, Mary Ann continued to work on what would later become her PhD thesis under the supervision of Prof Paul van Diest, whilst completing her internships. After a year of working as a qualified educational teacher at the Department of Dermatology at the UMCU, she started her Dermatology Registry at the UMCU on 1st January 2016.  She continued to work on her PhD thesis, whilst commencing her post-graduate masters in Clinical Epidemiology, which led to the supervision of her second PhD supervisor, Prof. Carla van Gils. She completed an 8-month research fellowship in 2020-2021 at Melanoma Institute Australia, Sydney, Australia, to collaborate with the research group of Prof. John Thompson, Prof Richard Scolyer, and Associate Prof. Serigne Lo; and she attended dermatology clinics under the supervision of Prof. Pascale Guitera at Sydney Melanoma Diagnostic Centre (SMDC). This resulted in obtaining her PhD cum laude in January 2022.

She is deeply passionate about the care of skin cancer patients, especially those with melanoma, and we look forward to Dr. El Sharouni joining us as a full time Dermatologist starting in September 2023.


Dr. Rhonda Harvey


Sydney Melanoma Diagnostic Centre, Sydney Cancer Centre, Royal Prince Alfred Hospital.


Dr Rhonda A. Harvey (nee Kwong) is a dermatologist who specialises in the management of skin cancer using Mohs micrographic surgical techniques, and melanoma. Her special interests include dermatological cutaneous surgery, non surgical skin cancer management such as photodynamic therapy and laser procedural dermatology.  She currently undertakes Confocal Microscopy at our centre.

For more information on her career and interests, Click here for more details.

Elise Sedger

Registered Nurse

Graduated from the University of New England 2020. Elise has experience and skills in multiple areas of nursing including, mixed medical/surgical wards, cardiology, stroke units, emergency departments, palliative care, short stay and clinical escalation wards. Elise has worked in multiple hospitals including Port Macquarie Base Hospital, Prince of Wales and was recruited by SMDC in September 2023. Elise is using her personal experience with skin cancer diagnosis to help patients at SMDC. In her free time she enjoys dancing to live music, sun safe nature walks and spending time with friends. 

The Sydney Melanoma Diagnostic Centre


The Sydney Melanoma Diagnostic Centre (SMDC) was the conception of Professor Scott Menzies and Professor William McCarthy, both of whom had previously been working at the Sydney Melanoma Unit; Professor Menzies since 1991 and Professor McCarthy for over 18 years, 10 years as Director of the Unit. They had a wish to set up a new Unit that would focus on the early diagnosis of melanoma using state of the art technology (eg. computer digital monitoring, automated image analysis, total body photography and dermoscopy).  The Sydney Melanoma Diagnostic Centre (SMDC) opened in 2002 with Professor Menzies as its first Director and Professor William McCarthy as Deputy Director.  

Our vision is to use our clinical expertise and research leadership to develop and apply new imaging techniques for the accurate diagnosis and management of skin cancers and melanoma.

This vision has led us to train in physics and optics and has enabled us to understand and influence physicists/ industry in the early phase of developing innovative tools. It has also crystallized the focus of our dermatology practice on the diagnosis of melanoma and skin cancer. Furthermore, it has encouraged us to develop more national and international collaborations in order to enhance the skills and training of dermatologists to develop and use these techniques appropriately.  






Kerrie Foskey

Executive Assistant

Kerrie has a strong background in the health industry with over 40 years' experience in a variety of roles including Aged Care, General Practice and Ophthalmology.  She has been dedicated to skin cancer and melanoma since 2017.

Cherrie Ng

Senior Medical Administrative Assistant

Cherrie, who began her career in the health industry in 2009, has been a clinical secretary involved with general practitioners, dermatology, gastroenterology, general surgery, gynaecology & obstetrics, paediatrics, skin cancer and urology for the past 14 years. She has been dedicated to skin cancer and melanoma since 2017.





Tejal Mistry

Medical Administrative Assistant

Tejal began her career in the hospitality industry in 2009 and worked in the Liverpool Hospital and St John of God Health Care. She transitioned to the health industry in 2018, after completion of Certificate III in Medical Administration, has worked as a medical receptionist at a general practitioners’ clinic.






Romina Foti

Medical Administrative Assistant

Romina's career in health commenced in General Practice part time, whilst also working in Retail.  She then worked full time in optical and retail for several years, obtaining a Certificate V in optical dispensing with OPSM.  She then resumed her career in the medical field, bringing her experience to SMDC in 2020.

Sampi Kulasekara


Sampi has been working with world’s leading melanoma experts (Prof Pascale Guitera, Prof Scott Menzies) and performs total body photography, clinical Imaging, dermoscopy imaging , assists with vivo confocal microscopy and mapping too. She involves with research projects at SMDC. Sampi has special interest in confocal microscopy and mapping. She has been dedicated to skin cancer  and melanoma since 2018.


Days and times each doctor is consulting

Pascale Guitera:

  • Tuesday 8.30am-4.00pm (Confocal Microscopy Clinics afternoon)

  • Thursday 8.30am-4.00pm

Amanda Glanz:

  • Monday 8.30am-12.30pm

  • Wednesday 8.30am-3.00pm (Procedure clinic alternate Wednesday afternoon)

Giuliana Carlos Minano:

  • Tuesday 8.30am-12.00pm

  • Wednesday 8.30am-12.00pm

  • Thursday 8.30am-3.30pm

Mary-Ann El Sharouni:

  • Monday 8.15am-3.30pm

  • Tuesday 8.30am-3.30pm

  • Wednesday 8.30am-3.30pm

  • Thursday 8.15am-3.30pm

Rhonda Harvey:

  • Twice a month Tuesday 9.30am-12.30pm (Confocal Microscopy Only) 

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