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Digital Dermoscopy Monitoring

Atypical lesions. The doctor may select one or a few lesions of concern for dermoscopic monitoring

  • Sequential digital dermoscopy imaging (SDDI) involves the assessment of successive dermoscopic images to allow the detection of suspicious dermoscopic change in melanomas that lack dermoscopic evidence of melanoma at a particular time. We perform 3 months short-term digital monitoring and 6 months long-term monitoring.

  • Short term computerized (digital) monitoring over a 3-month period has sensitivity of 94% and specificity of 83% for the diagnosis of melanoma. 

  • 99.2% of lesions that are not changing in 3 months are benign. 96% of melanoma are changing after 3 months.

  • Long term computerized monitoring over a 6-month period has a sensitivity of 97% for the diagnosis of melanoma.

No change in 3 months: Benign
Change in 3 months: Excision
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